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MYOB Greentree

Powerful, modular business software solution that grows with you

We chose to build a business relationship with MYOB Greentree as they have been building innovative business software for more than 25 years.  The benefit of their global success and their history with over 10,000 customers is that the solution is kept current, it is very comprehensive and is right 99% of the time, straight out of the box.

We know that Mid-sized businesses need to be nimble as they take on new challenges and open new markets. They also require full functionality but often on limited budgets. Greentree have built a solution which has wide and deep functionality, is designed to be rapidly implemented and deployed, easily maintained and is especially cost-effective. 

Greentree operates in real-time and uses an integrated single design architecture. It is also able to operate in the cloud, on local servers, or a combination of both.

Capital IT specialises in working with customers to meet their business software requirements.  For mid-sized businesses across New Zealand, we implement Greentree ERP software: the most comprehensive, cost effective and affordable ERP software available on the market.

MYOB Greentree Product Modules

MYOB Greentree software is primed to help make businesses more effective, and more profitable. Part of the reason for its success is that the products all work with each other.  All the modules work cohesively because they’re all on one platform.  Turn modules on or off as required for your business and know that you have a unified solution.

Read more about Greentree in our Product Brochure - this provides a quick overview of each of the Product Modules (3.6MB PDF): Greentree Brochure

MYOB Greentree Modules include:

The MYOB Greentree Gateway

MYOB Greentree software is a unified solution. The Greentree Gateway gives you a complete view of all the Greentree product integration and capability. You can choose to turn on what you need knowing that all the modules will work cohesively because they're on one platform. With Greentree, both Windows and browser-based access sit side-by-side, delivering new capabilities and business opportunities.




    Why we chose Greentree

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Phone: (04) 589 1033

Phone: (04) 589 1033

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