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Greentree Intro

MYOB Greentree - a new generation of software

MYOB Greentree heralds a new generation in business management and ERP software. Accessed by both Windows client and any browser, Greentree gives you the best of both worlds – established core functionality that drives your business engine backed by the new powerful browser-based capabilities outlined below. Greentree is designed to never stand still - just as you and your business can’t afford to stand still either. Join us as we outline some of the new features in this powerful new Greentree.

Features include:

MYOB Greentree Workspace

Arrange your screen just the way you like it with MYOB Greentree Workspace. You can drag and drop, keep your most important items always in view and receive real time alerts. Workspace allows you to be in control of your day - and screen - at all times.

MYOB Greentree Sales

Take the power of MYOB Greentree on the road with you. Available on desktop, tablet and laptop, Greentree Sales takes comprehensive functionality and applies it where you need it and when. All the power and information of your Sales team is available.

MYOB Greentree EDocs

Convert received documents into executable electronic documents with ease under MYOB Greentree EDocs. Code, approve and reconcile your accounts quickly and easily, saving you time and money. Cut paperwork hours and fine tune your systems with EDocs.

MYOB Greentree Screen Designer

Completely customise and tailor your screen to your and your organisations needs. MYOB Greentree Screen Designer allows you to alter the colours, terminology, layout and workflow to configure forms and screens as required. You can also set up special screens for individuals, teams and sections of your organisation.

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Phone: (04) 589 1033

Phone: (04) 589 1033

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