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Greentree4 eDocs - It's Here!

12 November 2014

How long does it take you to process an invoice?  Days, hours, minutes?  Greentree4 eDocs reduces that to literally seconds.

How?  By automating and streamlining what it takes to receive, route, code and approve everyday invoices and other essential documents.

Two things make eDocs a real time and money saver:

  1. It's paperless; automatically receive documents directly into your Greentree system and route them electronically through your business for coding and approval.
  2. Automate tedious manual processes; slash paperwork, save both time and money! Greentree4 eDocs lets you convert received documents into executable electronic files - including expenses management. It’s never been easier to code, approve and reconcile your accounts and other documentation.

Minimal keying, minimal scanning and absolutely no more posting, couriering or waiting around. It doesn’t matter if you’re processing 2,000 or 200,000 invoices, eDocs will be one of the best investment decisions you’ll make. With less processing time and fewer errors imagine all the productive things your staff can be doing instead of processing and fixing mistakes.

Companies of all sizes have instantly taken to eDocs; it is the very latest from Greentree4 and your Greentree partner Capital IT can’t wait to show you what it can do.



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Phone: (04) 589 1033

Phone: (04) 589 1033

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