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Capital IT now a simPRO partner 01 March

Capital IT is pleased to become a simPRO partner and the first re-seller based in Wellington.  We will specialise in the simPRO Service module which is designed for service and trades work-forces based in the field.  Whether you are self employed or have a workforce that would benefit from being able to quote, invoice, order stock,... Read more

Greentree 4 Release 01 January

Greentree4 is being rolled out in stages with CRM the first module to get a new look.  Not only does the new product look great but there is also plenty of added functionality at no additional cost. We are looking forward to seeing new modules throughout the year. For more information you can click here... Read more

Medical Council goes Live with WebView from Greentree 01 August

WebView allows a greater visibility of essential information across the entire organisation through use of a browser where users can drill into detail or generate reports if required. Read more

Welcome to Dental Council 01 April

 Welcome to the Dental Council of New Zealand who have upgraded from their old DOS based finance system to Greentree ERP.  The Dental Council now have an integrated back office system that includes eDocs for electronic AP/AR.  They aren't an entirely paperless organisation yet but this is a big step in that direction! Read more

Greentree4 eDocs - It's Here! 12 November

How long does it take you to process an invoice?  Days, hours, minutes?  Greentree4 eDocs reduces that to literally seconds. How?  By automating and streamlining what it takes to receive, route, code and approve everyday invoices and other essential documents. Two things make eDocs a real time and money saver: *It's paperless;* automatically receive documents directly into... Read more

Foundation Life NZ employs Greentree4 01 November

Foundation Life NZ started operating in late 2014 after purchasing the Tower Life business unit from Tower Insurance.  The new company needed to extract itself entirely from Tower and needed to implement a stand alone ERP system that could integrate with external insurance systems and could also grow significantly as Foundation Life looks to grow its... Read more

Greentree introduces new Look and Feel through new Skins and Colours 01 May

The new 3D Live Desktop allows users to create multiple ‘Desktop Views” to provide immediate visibility of key business information across the system. These desktops show live information as it is entered into the system. Desktops can be customised for each individual user and can show meaningful images – whether photos, logos, icons or graphs. The Workflow... Read more

Greentree release - Greentree Secure 01 April

A bullet-proof backup and recovery strategy is fundamental to operational security – a company’s very survival can depend on it if disaster strikes. The advent or e-commerce has created new vulnerabilities that too many businesses don’t have well covered. Electronic transactions can be lost forever if your system crashes, and the ideal backup and recovery process... Read more

Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand Ltd goes Live with Greentree Financials. 01 April

We'd like to welcome Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand Limited as a new client. Mitsubishi's IT manager Trevor Douglas said: "A special thanks to Clare Pringle for the way she so easily fitted into the Mitsubishi team and the professionalism and skills she brought to the project." Read more

WebView opens a dynamic web enquiry and reporting window into Greentree 01 April

WebView opens a dynamic web enquiry and reporting window into Greentree, giving users access to the full range of Greentree information. WebView makes any information that’s available in your Greentree system simultaneously available through your browser. Read more

Greentree IQ 01 January

Greentree IQ, powered by world-leading business intelligence software Qlikview, builds a total view of the company including the ability to compare customer, product line and territory performance , identity trends and build forecasts based on “what-if” scenarios and perform detailed critical analysis of key business indicators. In just seconds, take your data and see it any... Read more

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